Empower Yourself with The Power Hidden within you

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ISBN : 978-81-7812-823-8
AUTHOR NAME : Indranil Ghosh
YEAR: 2016
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Edition: 2017
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Success has many definitions. The most prevalent definition is freedom from the slavery of worries. Power gives such freedom. In jungle, the most powerful animal rules and only has the right to survive with pride. Human civilization is now several thousands years old, yet the animal instinct, the hunger for power, has not diminished. In fact, all movable things in the universe move when they get power. As for example, a vehicle runs when its engine applies power. There are various forms of powers. Interestingly, most of these powers are interrelated, have smaller forms as well as subdivisions of a larger power. Often combinations of different varieties of powers generate a single but significant power. All of us own a powerhouse, which is capable of generating such composite powers. Unfortunately, for grabbing them, there is no competition, yet we are not enthusiastic to capture them. Anyone can become powerful by picking up any such readily available power and remain ahead of others. Only perquisite is willingness and to prepare the self accordingly. The book identifies various forms of power and illustrates their characteristics to explain how easy it is to acquire them. The book will be useful to anyone irrespective of an individual?s educational qualification, race, religion, cultural and social background. The book is so designed that its regular reading can not only uplift the reader but also reach him/her to the highest ideals and aspirations. This book must be read by the people who want success and who desire to stay ahead of others in this era of rat race. For others, this book may be proven as energy tonic for rejuvenating their winning spirit and as a tranquillizer for happy dwelling.

Introduction; Power and Its Perception; Power and Its Varieties; Power of Dreams; Power of Knowledge; Power of Emotions; Power of Small; Mind Power and the Power of Praying & Meditation; Empowering Self with the Help of Others and Using Their Power; Power of Presentation: Our Self, Our Product, Our Ideas & Opinions; Other Types of Power; A Little More about Power and Sources of Power; Conclusion-Last but not the Least

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