Biography of Dhirubhai Ambani

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ISBN : 978-93-5012-253-2
AUTHOR NAME : RPH Editorial Board
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back

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The biography of Dhirubhai Ambani is truly India’s rags to riches story. He was a man of great vision. He showed a great temperament for business and made exponential growth exploiting every single opportunity. His phenomenal rise in the Indian industry has been one of the most-remarkable events in the Indian Business’ history. He was awarded the Indian Entrepreneur of the 20th Century and was regarded as the greatest creator of wealth.
The students of management schools many like to draw lessons from the life of this matriculate with great vision and business acumen.
The inside pages contain an interesting and elevating story of how a poor village boy rose to become the legendary figure in the history of business what the well-established corporate houses of India with abundant resources could not achieve over a period of a century.

Introduction; Family History; Education; Life in Aden; Taking Opportunity; Marriage; Back to India with a Dream; His First Enterprise in India; The Ambani Magic; Reliance – A Dream Come True; Rags to Riches; First Public offering; Master of Bulls & Bears; Business Rivalry; The Friend & Foe Express; The Fatal Stroke; Ambani : A Different Mettle; Controversies; Crusader of Equity Cult; The Common Touch : Uncommon vision; The Ambani Philosophy; The Ambani Connections; The Cross-Connection; Reliance Sans Dhirubhai; Awards and Recognitions; Chronology of Events; Some Rare Photographs

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