Biography of Rani Lakshmibai

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ISBN : 978-93-5012-258-7
AUTHOR NAME : RPH Editorial Board
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back

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The biography of Rani Lakshmibai is the life story of an Indian woman who set a unique example of heroism, bravery, patriotism and sacrifice in the minds of all Indians and the people of the world in the young age of just 22 years.

Introduction; Family History; Education; Marriage; The Seeds of Trouble; The Trouble Begins; The Rani After ? ; Rani Dethroned; Rani Disbanded; Rani Regaining Strength; The Rani Returns; Emancipating Women; British Re-emergence; The Destiny was written; The Battle Begins; The Fight & Escape; The Kalpi Fight; The Final Battle; Rani Larger than Life; Rani ? A Visionary Leader; Rani ? A Leader, Class Apart; Martyrdom & Tributes; Chronology of Events; Some Rare Photographs

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