Tales of Arabian Nights

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ISBN: 978-81-909996-7-0
AUTHOR NAME: LS Editorial Team
MEDIUM: English
FORMAT: Paper Back
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All Time Favourite 'Tales of Arabian Nights' is a series of interwoven stories. There was once a king known for his ravenous desire and destructive passion. His rapine hunger devoured many women and left them dead with his throes of passion. King Shahryar was known for his lust and when his eyes befell the gorgeous Scheherazade, all thought the girl was lost to his hunger. However, Scheherazade hatched a plan. She proposed telling Shahryar stories and the curious ruler agreed, though impatient to make love to her. He listened and as soon, she had his attention, but Scheherazade stopped the story, promising to continue the next night. Curious to know what happened next, the ruler left her untouched.
Her plan continued for 1001 nights and engulfed Shahryar in a series of stories, which mixed all the magic, and mystery of Arabia.
All the twelve stories are full of entertainment and fun. These are so beautifully narrated as to keep the young readers absorbed in reading the whole book in one go.

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