Easy Colour Pad - Yellow

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ISBN: 978-93-81438-20-6
AUTHOR NAME: LS Editorial Team
MEDIUM: English
FORMAT: Paper Back

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Visual learning is one of the most important aspects that contribute to the early development of the child. Simple drawing and colouring activities help children develop their creative skills. This “Easy Colouring Pad (Yellow)” is the most perfect way to introduce kids with the world of colours and shapes. This book will make them to be familiar with yellow colours. This familiarity will improve their cognizance pertaining to colours and its usage. The book is also useful to educate and entertain young learners with age-appropriate activities.
This book promotes creativity, helps children develop skills and even improves concentration. This colouring book has 48 colouring pages to keep your kid busy.
This is a must have book for you to keep the baby engaged in hours and hours of creativity and fun!


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