Table Book: Tables 1 to 40

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ISBN : 978-93-81438-30-5
AUTHOR NAME : LS Editorial Team
YEAR: 2020
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back

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Tables are the most important part of learning for children after alphabet and numbers. No one can be a good doctor, engineer, teacher or scientist without learning tables.

The book has been developed specially for children, containing multiplication tables from 1 to 40 where children have an opportunity to read and learn to lead a better future. The book also provides basic learning of Geometrical Shapes, The Number System, Even and Odd Numbers, Test of Divisibility, Squares and Cubes, Measurement of Time, Jubilee Celebration, The Metric Systems, Days in a Month, Mathematical Symbols, The Hindu-Arabic and International Numeration Systems, and Indian Currency for enhanced learning of the little scholars.

Table from 1 to 40

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