Little Scholarz 3rd Activity Book Maths

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ISBN: 978-93-83299-87-4
AUTHOR NAME: LS Editorial Team
MEDIUM: English
FORMAT: Paper Back
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An optimum learning is when it is Interest and Enjoyable. Little Scholarz Maths Activity Books Series makes learning absolutely interesting and fun-filled. All new five different books of the series have been designed according to the age group of the little learners with simplified Basic Maths Skills. Learning about Numbers is no more troublesome. Children will now happily read, write and memorise them with the help of interesting pictures, shapes and patterns. They will learn about Numbers, Counting, Number Names Patterns, Shapes, Addition, Subtraction, Number Lines and many more things in these Fun-Cum-Learn Maths Activity Books Series. Various Number Games, Shapes, Pictures, Patterns, Drawings, Story Sums, etc. will help children prepare better to face the competitive world confidently.

Number Ladders; Number Game; Count and Write; Number Key; Shape Fun; Number Names (1-10) Tens and Ones (1-10) Before-After-Between; Comparing Numbers; Picture Numbers; Adding Time; Adding Zero; Do-to-Dot; Number Patterns; Adding More; Picture Sums; More Practice; Subtractions; Subtracting Zero; Number Families; Story Sums; Shapes; Straight and Curved Lines; Do it Yourself; Sudoku Maths; Balloons; Skip Counting; Number Line; Number Game; Rearrangement; Tens and Ones; Number Names; Can You Tell?; Measuring Time; How to Measure; Money Time; Time; More or Less; Fishing Fun

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