All Time Favourite—Aesop's Fables

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ISBN: 978-93-84376-06-2
MEDIUM: English
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The book ‘Aesop’s Fables’ from the ‘All Time Favourite’ series is the narration of the original compilation of the animal fables in a contemporary style. Each story unfolds in a beautiful, easy to comprehend style and offers valauable moral lessons on the various aspects of life, such as lust, greed, kindness, blessings, appreciation, flattery, admiration, politeness, wisdom, determination, humility, vanity, self-help, belief, pride, nesessity, company, etc.
The book carries true to life pictures that make each story remarkably appealing. The highlighted words can be traced back to a list of difficult words provided at the end of the book, thus enhancing the vocabulary skills alongside.

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