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ISBN : 978-93-84376-17-8
AUTHOR NAME : LS Editorial Team
YEAR: 2018
MEDIUM: English
Format: Hard Bound
PRICE: 180

Rs. 180


Mythological Tales from the All time favourite series is an insight into the mythical and mystic world of the incarnation followed a logical series of mishappenings with the devout followers invoking the Gods. It comprises the stories of Dhruva, Bharata, Krishna, Eklavya, Ganesha, Savitri and Satyavan, Shiva and Parvati, Hanumana, Buddha, Rama and Prahlad to name a few.
Each story reemphasis the beauty of the bond between the God and his devotees. There can be no other bond so pure as the bond of faith with the creator. The book takes the readers to a world that is an embodiment of Indian culture and spiritual wisdom.
The book carries true to life pictures that make each story remarkably appealing. The highlighted words can be traced back to a list of difficult words provided at the end of the book, thus enhancing the vocabulary skills alongside.

The Story of Dhruva, Bharat - The Mighty Ruler; Bhasmasura; Birth of Krishna; Eklavya; Ganesha - The Lord of Wisdom; Samudra Manthan; Savitri and Satyavan; Shiva and Parvati; The Birth of Hanumana; The Buddhist Monk; The Curse and The Birth of Rama; The Descent of Ganga; Vishwamitra and Parashurama; Prahlad and So On...

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