General English: For All Competitive Exams with Objective & MCQ

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ISBN : 978-93-5012-834-3
AUTHOR NAME : Abul Hashem & RPH Editorial Board
YEAR: 2018
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back
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This comprehensive book has mainly and deliberately been designed to cater to the long-felt needs of the students studying in college and universities, including the prospective candidates for competitive exams.

Correct Use of Nouns; Correct Use of Pronouns; Correct Use of Adjectives; Correct Use of Verbs; Correct Use of Auxiliaries; Correct Use of Adverbs; Correct Use of Prepositions; Correct Use of Conjunctions; Correct Use of Articles; Correct Use of Punctuation; Correct Use of Capital Letters; Correct Use of Active Voice and Passive Voice; Correct Use of Narration (Direct and Indirect Speech); Correct Use of Infinitive, Gerund and Participle; Correct Use of Tenses; Correct Use of Sequence of Tenses; Correct Order of Words in a Sentence; Correct Spelling of Words; All About Synthesis of Sentences; All About Transformation of Sentences; Correct Use of Words Followed by Appropriate Prepositions; How to Interchange Parts of Speech?; Where to Find Synonyms and Antonyms?; Study Material for Correct Spelling; Spelling Test; How to Complete Sentences?; How to Spot Errors?; How to Spot Correct Sentences?; Word Choice Test; Blanks to be Filled in with Appropriate Prepositions; Immensely Useful Idiomatic Expressions; Comprehension Test; Sentences with Jumbled Words; Passages with Jumbled Sentences; Cloze Test.

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