Pick the Best and Leave the Rest

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ISBN: 978-93-86298-46-1
AUTHOR NAME: Tarun Engineer
MEDIUM: English
FORMAT: Paper Back
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You have the ability, experience and behavioural finesse. But even then, you are not able to succeed. Why is that so? Whereas some people are less educated but earn millions. They achieve big success even after doing less hard work. They are not good in behavioural terms but they join the ranks of influential people. Have you ever thought about it?     If you have not, we can tell you the secret behind this. Because this difference is of the brain and brain is the power that recognizes the power hidden in thoughts. Then, you can win any big battle. Anil Ambani once said, “There is no alternative of brain power. Due to this power, you are able to control your chaotic life. Because when you start using it properly, your memory and vision increase.” Tarun Engineer has written many Superhit books for the  Diamond Books, Raja Pocket Books, Berry-kerry Books & Ramesh Publishing House. ‘Pick the Best and Leave the Rest’ is his best creation in the category so far.  Mr. Engineer has worked hard to collect ideas and thoughts from numerous resources. This is a result of his unflinching dedication to the realm of book writing. He would do many more prestigious projects like this one in the future too. Before reading this book, you must learn what the objective behind reading this book really is. Is it polishing career, or is it for developing your business? Is it for making your future secure, or is it for bringing prosperity in the family? Is it for setting up an industry, or is it for getting back lost love? When you take the decision about this, these thoughts would start doing miracles.

Keep Your Courage to Move Forward; Why You Must Read This Book; First and Foremost Recognise Your Capabilities; Imagine Yourself to be Successful; Any Time Could Shake Even the Valley

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