Biography of Munshi Premchand: Famous Hindi Writer & Novelist

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The Biography of Munshi Premchand is the brief life sketch of the great Indian writer famous for his modern Hindi-Urdu literature. He is one of the most celebrated writers of the Indian subcontinent, and is regarded as one of the foremost Indian writers of the early twentieth century.
A novel writer, story writer and dramatist, he has been referred as the “Upanyas Samrat” (Emperor among Novelists) by writers. His works include more than a dozen novels, around 250 short stories, several essays and translations of a number of foreign literary works into Hindi.
He also worked as a journalist and editor and took part in the freedom struggle of India in his own way. He advocated for Hindi as a national language. He took up the cause of social reforms in his stories and novels.
The inside pages consists of an enlightening account of the life of the great writer—who was born poor and died poor but made the Indian literature richer to a great extent by the strokes of his pen. Truly, he may be called the Shakespeare of Modern India.

Introduction; Early Life and Education; Marriage and Career; Life at Kanpur; Becoming Premchand; Life at Gorakhpur; Kanpur Return; Life at Bombay; Last Days; Style and Influences; Great Works; Hindu-Muslim Unity; National Movement Era; Literature and Religion; Adaptations of Works; Timeline.

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