Good to Great

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ISBN : 978-93-86845-03-0
AUTHOR NAME : Tarun Engineer
YEAR: 2017
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back
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There is an Undeclared agreement between God and You. This agreement states, “You do whatever you like, but I do whatever you wish for.”
But without Struggle a man’s life is incomplete. Without Love a woman is incomplete. Even then their union is necessary. Hence, produce a passion in your heart to do something!
Because gold gets melted in fire to become the purest. Snow melt due to hot winds. A mountain is shaken by strong determination and good thoughts help us get everything.
When you have cards in your hands, think how would you play the game to win it? Because the Secret of Success in business is—Learn completely about a thing that is not known to anyone else.
Hence, do that one task which is full of challenge for others. Because ninety per cent people of this world become old while earning money.  But even then they are not able to get the desired wealth.
This tells us how much difficult it is to earn money. Hence, do not  think about earning money, think only about making money. Because money is made, not earned to become rich. This is the basic formula of Good to Great. You can use it any time, whatever your age may be!

Nothing Great was ever Achieved without Risk; Greatness gives you the Confidence to take Risks; Try to be Good and go for Great through Risk; Great Visions without Great People are Irrelevant ; You cannot turn Great only by Hard Work; Take Small Steps and get Great Success Leap; Sometimes You Lose the Good Things to make Better Future for the Great Things; From Good to Great is Nice, but knowing when Great is Good enough is Even Better; Network Marketing is the Gateway of Greatness ; World Wants to know you as a Greatman ; Improve Your Attire from Good to Great; The x-factor of Great Leadership is not Personality but Humility; Decide your Future for Great Goals; Good Formula of getting Great Success; It is Easier to be Good, the More Difficult is to be Great.

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