All Time Favourite Tenali Raman

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ISBN : 978-93-84376-10-9
AUTHOR NAME : LS Editorial Team
YEAR: 2016
MEDIUM: English
Format: Hard Bound
PRICE: 180

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Tenali Raman from the All Time Favourite series is a hilarious collection of short stories. It comprises stories full of wit and wisdom of Tenali Raman, the jester at the court of Raja Krishnadeva Raya. Pushed out of his own home by his mother, Tenali invokes Goddess Kali and amazingly defeats her in the war of words. Please with his wit, she grants him the boon of eternal wisdom and thus not the courtiers, not the crooks and not the priests in their wisest demeanour could defeat Tenali in smartness and intelligence. The readers could grasp the sharp common sense that guides Tenali out of all problems and worriers and translate it into their own lives.
The book carries true to life pictures that make each story remarkably appealing. The highlighted words can be traced back to a list of difficult words can be traced back to a list of difficult words provided at the end of the book, thus enhancing the vocabulary skills alongside.

Short Stories

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