Effective letters for all Occasions

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ISBN : 978-93-5012-897-8
AUTHOR NAME : Abul Hashem
YEAR: 2018
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back
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Effective Letters for All Occasions has mainly and deliberately been designed to cater to the long-felt needs of the students studying in colleges and universities, including the prospective candidates for all competitive examinations. The range of the book is so wide that it will be excessively helptful and useful not only to the students but also to other well educated persons, whether employed or unemployed. The book will immensely aid the readers in penning effective letters for all occasions. The letters contained in the book can be used as they are, or new drafts can easily be made on their pattern to suit a particular purpose. The book will invariably prove handy for quick reference and for choosing the right type of letter to fit in with your requirements.

Techniques of Modern Letter Writing; Letters of Invitations and Announcements; Letters of Congratulations; Letters of Greetings; Letters of Condolences; Letters of Sympathy on Various Occasions; Letters of Thanks on Various Occasions; SMS/FAX/E-mail Messages for Different Occasions; Friendly Letters; Family Letters; Children?s Correspondence; School Correspondence; College Correspondence; University Correspondence; Announcements; Letter for Introduction; Love Letters; Matrimonial Letters; Letters of Apology; Banking Correspondence; Life Insurance Correspondence; Fire Insurance Correspondence; Insurance of Goods in Transit; Official Letters; Correspondence between Landlords and Tenants; Leave Applications; Applications for Employment and Allied Matters; Letters to the Editors of Newspapers; Letters regarding increase in salary; Letters about Annual Increment; Letters from employees requesting for promotions; Letters of Resignation from Employment; Disciplinary action and retrenchment; References and recommendations concerning candidates seeking employment; Testimonials and Character Certificates; Miscellaneous Letters.

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