Andhra Pradesh General Knowledge

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ISBN : 978-93-87604-05-6
AUTHOR NAME : RPH Editorial Board
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back
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The present book ‘Andhra Pradesh – General Knowledge’ has been specially published for the people who want to explore more about the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh to quench their thirst of knowledge for the purpose of Competitive Exams, Business Opportunities, Travel & Tourism or any other reason.
The book is the outcome of months of painstaking research and careful study carried out about the state and its various important features and aspects covered at appropriate length, such as: Origin, History, Geography, Government, Economy, People, Art & Culture, Customs & Traditions, Festivals, Rivers & Temples, Forests & Wildlife, Industries, Education, Transport & Tourism, etc.

Who's Who & Current Affairs; Andhra Pradesh: Before and After the Division; History; Physiography; Drainage System; Climate; Soils; Forests & Wildlife; Agriculture; Irrigation; Mineral Resources; Industries; Sources of Energy; Population and Health; Education; Art & Culture; Transport & Communication; Tourism; Famous Personalities; Administration and Governance.

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