The Constitution of India

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ISBN: 978-93-88642-82-8
AUTHOR NAME: RPH Editorial Board
MEDIUM: English
FORMAT: Paper Back
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The present book on “Indian Constitution” has been specially developed for various classes of readers with academic as well as competitions’ point of view. The book is especially useful for the aspirants of various competitive exams where Knowledge of Indian Constitution is required for the selection criteria.
Though there are a-dime-a-dozen books available in the market on the subject, yet this book has a special place among all because of its unique presentation and contents. The book is presented in a simple reader-friendly manner to enable all types of readers easily learn, understand and practise the intricacies of Constitution of India.
The book covers almost all aspects of Indian Constitution with numerous multiple choice question-answers. There is a spectrum of questions in exhaustive exercises to test your knowledge and learning of Indian Constitution, and to provide ample scope for practice to prepare for academic and competitive exams as well.
The book will definitely prove to be a boon to the inquisitive students, competitive exam-aspirants, and other readers in sharpening their knowledge of Indian Constitution and prepare them well for their respective exams.

Constitutional Development of India; Constituent Assembly and Its Working; The Constitution of India: Preamble; Federalism in India; Citizenship; Fundamental Rights & Duties; Directive Principles of State Policy; The President and The Union Executive; Union Legislature; The Governor and the State Legislature; Centre-State Relations; Elections and Electoral Process; Important Officials; Judiciary; Emergency Provisions; Constitutional Amendments; System of Panchayati Raj; Special Status for Jammu and Kashmir; Union Territories; Scheduled and Tribal Areas;Power and Functions of UPSC & SPSC; National Commission for Scheduled Castes; National Commission for Scheduled Tribes; National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC); Central Information Commission; National Human Rights Commission; National Commission for Women; Multiple Choice Questions; Appendix; Addenda.

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