Oliver Twist

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ISBN : 978-93-86063-30-4
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back

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Oliver is born in a workhouse. His single mother dies in childbirth and leaves him with no one to give him true care or attention, still Oliver thrives, in a certain sense. He grows up in the workhouse, and the horrors of his childhood seem all the worse. Nine-year-old Oliver's situation is so dire, it’s a relief when he escapes to London and finds himself trapped in a life of crime! At least when he's with the criminal gang of pickpockets, he gets to eat. In London, Oliver is brought into the gang of thieves and trained as a pickpocket. When he goes out on his first job, he runs away and is almost sent to prison. However, the kindness of the person who was robbed, saves him from the terrors of the city gaol, and instead he is taken into the philanthropic gentleman's home. However, as soon as he thinks he is settled, two members of the same gang take him back. Oliver is once again sent out on a job—this time a burglary. The job goes wrong and Oliver is shot and left behind....

Treats of The Place Where Oliver; Treats of Oliver Twist’s Growth; Relates How Oliver Twist was Very; Oliver, Being Offered Another; Oliver Mingles with New Associates; Oliver, Being Goaded by the Taunts; Oliver Continues Refractory; Oliver Walks to London. He Encounters; Containing Further Particulars; Oliver Becomes Better Acquainted; Treats of Mr. Fang The Police Magistrate; In which Oliver is Taken Better Care; Some New Acquaintances are Introduced; Comprising Further Particulars of; Showing How Very Fond of Oliver Twist; Relates What Became of Oliver Twist; Oliver’s Destiny Continuing Unpropitious; How Oliver Passed His Time in the; In which a Notable Plan is Discussed; Wherein Oliver is Delivered over to; The Expedition; The Burglary; Which Contains the Substance; Treats on a Very Poor Subject. But is; Wherein this History Reverts to; In which a Mysterious Character; Atones for the Unpoliteness of a; Looks After Oliver, And Proceeds with; Has an Introductory Account of the; Relates what Oliver’s New Visitors; Involves a Critical Position; Of the Happy Life Oliver Began to; Wherein the Happiness of Oliver; Contains Some Introductory Particulars; Containing the Unsatisfactory Result; Is a Very Short One, And May Appear; In which the Reader may Perceive a; Containing an Account of what Passed; Introduces Some Respectable Characters; A Strange Interview, Which is a Sequel; Containing Fresh Discoveries, And; An Old Acquaintance of Oliver’s,; Wherein is Shown How the Artful Dodger; The Time Arrives for Nancy to Redeem; Noah Claypole is Employed by Fagin on A; The Appointment Kept; Fatal Consequences; The Flight of Sikes; Monks and Mr. Brownlow at Length; The Pursuit and Escape; Affording an Explanation of More; Fagin's Last Night Alive; And Last;

Glossary (word-meanings);

Short and Long Questions.

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