A Tale of Two Cities

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ISBN: 978-93-86063-33-5
MEDIUM: English
FORMAT: Paper Back

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It’s a tale of chaos, espionage and adventure set in two famous cities London and Paris prior to, and during, the French Revolution. This backdrop of social upheaval serves as a catalyst for the drama that unfolds in the lives of its main characters. Dr. Manette is incarcerated in the Bastille, France for eighteen years without trial. His daughter Lucie grows up in London, thinking that she is an orphan. But her life changes when her father is released from prison. Charles Darnay is an emigrant who has left France because of his hatred for his family. Charles and Lucie fall in love and marry. But there is another person, the English lawyer Sydney Carton, who loves Lucie with all his heart and will do anything for her sake. A secret about Charles’ background eventually causes Charles, the Manettes, and some of their friends to return to France, where mob rule now drives the revolution and threatens to destroy them all....

  • Part-I : RECALLED TO LIFE—The Mail; The Preparation; The Wine-shop; The Shoemaker;
  • Part-II : THE GOLDEN THREAD—Five Years Later; A Sight; A Disappointment; Congratulatory; The Jackal; Hundreds of People; Monseigneur in Town; Monseigneur in the Country; The Gorgon’s Head; Two Primises; A Companion Picture; The Fellow of Delicacy; The Fellow of No Delicacy; The Honest Tradesman; Knitting; Still Knitting; One Night; Nine Days; An Opinion; A Plea; Echoing Footsteps; The Sea Still Rises; Fire Rises; Drawn to the Loadstone Rock;
  • Part-III : THE TRACK OF A STORM—In Secret; The Grindstone; The Shadow; Calm in Storm; The Wood-Sawyer; Triumph; A Knock at the Door; A Hand at Cards; The Game Made; The Substance of the Shadow; Dusk; Darkness; Fifty-two; The Knitting Done; The Footsteps Die Out For Ever; Glossary (word-meanings);
  • Short and Long Questions.

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