Panchtantra Ki Kahaniyan

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ISBN: 978-93-86063-61-8
AUTHOR NAME: LS Editorial Team
FORMAT: Paper Back
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The book contains 19 stories in Hindi like Chuhe aur Haathi, Lomri aur Sher, Chor aur Brahmin, Gareeb Brahman, Chand ki Jheel, Shikari Aur Kabootar, etc. 
All Time Favourite 'Panchatantra ki Kahaniyan' is a compilation of moral stories from the treasure of wisdom that has forever been an inherent part of the Indian culture. 
The stories were initially designed to educate the young princes in political and social etiquette by Pandit Vishnu Sharma. With time, these stories have set in our culture and have truly become a source of learning the worldly ways. Each of these nineteen stories, in which even animals have been depicted as live characters, carries a moral for the young readers to learn a great lesson on morality and apply in their lives.

चूहे और हाथी * गीदड़ और ढोल * खटमल और पिस्सू * लोमड़ी और शेर * चोर और ब्राह्मण * मूर्ख बंदर * दो साँप * सोने की बीट * बाघ और नाई * दो सिर वाला जुलाहा * शिकारी और कबूतर * सोना देने वाला साँप * लोहा खाने वाले चूहे * व्यापारी और सपफाईवाला * चाँद की झील * बिलाव का न्याय * भालू की सलाह * गरीब ब्राह्मण * साधु और चूहा.

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