Sahasik Kahaniyan

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ISBN: 978-93-86063-67-0
AUTHOR NAME: LS Editorial Team
FORMAT: Paper Back
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The book contains 11 stories in Hindi like Gulliver ki Liliput Yatra, Teen Muketeers, Khazane ka Dwip, Robinson Crusoe, etc. 
All Time Favourite ‘Sahasik Kahaniyan’ is a treasure chest of stories about Gulliver’s Voyages, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Robinhood, Buried Treasure, pirates, magic and adventures. Each story will transport the child into a world where they will fight enemies with swords and shields discover new places and go on a journey of a lifetime.
The stories, which are written in simple language, are carefully chosen from the most popular stories from all over the world. Each story is accompanied by vibrant illustrations, which arrest the attention of the child and make reading an enjoyable experience.
The eleven stories in the book are written in a concise manner, which provides the little scholars with a story treat every day.

गुलिवर की लिलिपुट यात्रा * गुलिवर की ब्रोबडिंगनाग यात्रा * टाॅम साॅयर के साहसिक कार्य * हकलबेरी पिन के साहसिक कार्य * अस्सी दिन में विश्व भ्रमण * राॅबिनहुड और लिटिल जाॅन * समुद्र के अंदर बीस हज़ार लीग * तीन मस्केटियर * खज़ाने का द्वीप * राॅबिन्सन क्रूसो * राजा सोलोमन की सुरंग.

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