General Grammar & Interactive English

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ISBN : 81-7812-085-2
YEAR: 2014
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 432
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This book has been designed to cater to the long-felt needs of the students studying at schools, colleges and universities, and the candidates for competitive examinations conducted by Boards and Agencies for recruitment to various services throughout the country.

Kinds and Conversion of Sentences; The Noun; The Noun : Numbers; Noun Gender; The Noun : Case; The Pronoun; The Correct Use and Placement of the Pronoun; The Adjective-I; The Adjective-II (Attributive and Predicative Use); The Correct Use of Some Adjectives; Articles; The Verb; Verb : Mood; Tense; Modals (Auxiliaries) (Primary Modals); Modal Auxiliaries; Finites and Non-Finites; Active and Passive Voice-I (Rules and Explanations); Active and Passive Voice-II (Tense-wise); Direct and Indirect Speech; Formation of Adverbs; Correct Use of Some Adverbs; Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences; Combining of Two Simple Sentences to Get One Simple Sentence; Combining of Two Simple Sentences to Get One Compound Sentence; Combining of two Simple Sentences to Get One Complex Sentence; Interchange of the Degree of Comparison; Some Specific Kind of Sentences; The Conjunction; The Preposition; Transformation of Sentences; Kinds of Phrases; Clauses; Analysis-I (Simple and Compound Sentences); Analysis-II (Complex Sentences); Synthesis (of Sentences); Position or Order of Words; Synonyms; Antonyms; Concord or Agreement of the Verb with the Subject; A Note on Interactive English; Interactive Grammar and Interactive English; Newspaper Headlines; Notices; Telephonic Messages; Speeches and Articles; Diary-Writing; Reports; Fax Messages; Advertisements; Tender and Auction Notices; Invitation to a Birthday Party; Biography-Writing; Postcard Writing; Experimenting; Jumbled Sentences; Graphics and Diagrams; Tables and Charts; Reading Skills; Paragraph Writing; Essay Writing; Letter Writing; E-mail Messages

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