General Intelligence Test & Mental Ability Test

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ISBN : 978-93-5012-395-9
AUTHOR NAME : RPH Editorial Board
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back
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The examinations of the present era are becoming tough nuts to crack with the rise of every Sun on the academic horizon of the world. The tests related to General Mental Ability have also received greater attention of paper-setters. Thus, these tests would be more difficult in test session commencing from 2002 AD. We, at RPH, decided to give an edge to the candidates such examinations. We worked hard for more than a year on the manuscript of this volume. What finally turned out to be, was a systematic and neatly planned compendium, exclusively dedicated to general mental ability tests. Students preparing of entrance test and competitive examination of MBA, CDS, NDA, CAT, MAT, CMAT, RRB, SCRA, SBI-PO, SSC EXAMS, UPSC, GMAT, G-INDOMAT, IBPS-CWE, B.Ed. etc., would find it to be a boon for themselves. This systematic study and practice will help them succeed I their examinations. On behalf of publishers, we wish you all the best for your forth-coming examinations.

Mental Ability Test : The Success Tools; Verbal Analogies; Logical Reasoning; Venn Diagrams; Logical Diagrams; Verbal Classification (Odd Man Out); Verbal Series (Letters); Verbal Series (Numbers); Calendar; Clock and Time; Blood Relationship; Distance, Direction and Place Arrangement; Cubes and Dices; Data Sufficiency; Data Interpretation; Coding and Decoding Test; Statement Analysis; Drawing Conclusions; Drawing Symbolic Conclusions; Drawing Assumptions; Drawing Multiple Assumptions; Distinguishing Arguments; Drawing Inferences; Course of Action; Statement Sufficiency; Inferal Conclusions; Judgement Test; Test on Paper Folding, Cutting and Unfolding; Series Completion; Spotting Hidden Figures; Spotting the Odd Man Out; Non-Verbal Analogies; Arranging Figures in a Sequence; Spotting Similar Patterns; Figure Completion

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