Essays & Letters for Senior Classes

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ISBN: 978-93-5477-465-2
AUTHOR NAME: RPH Editorial Board
MEDIUM: English
FORMAT: Paper Back
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The present book ‘Essays & Letters’ has been conceived and developed keeping in mind the requirements of students of Senior Classes and English readers from all walks of life with academic as well as competitions’ point of view.
Purple Patches of the Book:
• The book is presented in a simple and reader-friendly manner to enable
all types of readers easily learn and understand the Art of Writing Impressive Essays & Letters.
• The main aim of the book is to inculcate in readers the right kind of orientation and to inspire and guide them to write Effective and Impressive Essays & Letters.
• The book is especially useful for Senior Students and the Aspirants of various Competitive Exams where Essay & Letter Writing in Descriptive English Paper forms an essential part of the selection criteria.
• The book covers numerous inspiring and thought-provoking Essays & Letters on a wide spectrum of subjects and topics from almost all spheres of life which a Senior student or Competitive Exam Aspirant is expected to write.
The book will definitely prove to be a boon to all inquisitive students, competitive-exam aspirants, and other readers.

CURRENT ESSAYS- Indians Ruling the World  1; G-20 Summit; Artificial Intelligence; Chandrayaan-3; Electric Vehicles : The Future of Transport;  EDUCATION & SCHOOL- Should Students Evaluate their Teachers?; Class Size and its Effect on Learning; Bullying in Schools; Cell Phones in Education; Educational Apps: How helpful are they?; Can Traditional Textbooks Be Replaced?; Pros and Cons of School Uniforms; Lack of Sex Education; Education in Developing Countries; Open System of Education; Education for All; Students and Politics; Depression among Youths; Apolitical Education; Single Sex Education Vs Co-Education; Growing Level of Competition among Youth; Student-Centric Academic System; What Depression is Not?; FAMOUS PERSONALITIES- Narendra Modi; Droupadi Murmu; Mahatma Gandhi; APJ Abdul Kalam; Jawaharlal Nehru; Indira Gandhi; Subhas Chandra Bose; Mother Teresa; Swami Vivekananda; Dr BR Ambedkar; ALL ABOUT INDIA-  India @75 Marking Its Global Presence; What We Have Not Learnt Since Independence; Dreams Which Should Not Let India Sleep; Future of English in India; Future of Democracy in India; Child Labour: A Silent Epidemic; Terrorism; Corruption  99; Unemployment in India; India's Growing Population; Globalization and India; India's Contribution to World Wisdom; The Endless Wait for Justice in India; Rising Crime in India; SPORTS; Value of Sports; Diplomacy in Sports; IPL Turning Dreams into Reality; The Revolutionized Approach of Women in Sports; ENVIRONMENT & NATURE; Global Warming; Climate Change; Plastic Pollution; Declining Quality of Air and Water; Are We Destroying our Planet?; Water Scarcity in India; River Pollution; The Impact of Climate Change on Wildlife; Animal Extinction; SOCIETY & CULTURE; Youth Culture Today; Mental Health; Generation Gap; Influence of Art and Literature; E-Cigarettes among Youth; The Social Virus; Embracing the Rainbow;  What the Youth Want Today?; The Role of Youth in India; Influence of Pop-Culture; SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY; Technology in Education; Accessibility of Internet; Online Learning Vs School Learning; The Future of Work in the Age of Automation and Robotics; The Influence of Streaming Services; ChatGPT Conundrum; AI and Technology; VALUES- The Value of Rain; The Value of Trees; The Value of Books; The Value of Water; The Value of Friendship;
The Value of Discipline; The Value of Time; PROVERBS; Health is Wealth; Where there's Will, there is a Way; Live and Let Live; Time and Tide Wait for None; Rome was not Built in a Day; All that Glitters is not Gold; Life is a Long Journey between Human Being and Being Humane; Laughter is the Best Medicine; Every Cloud has a Silver Lining; Ignorance is Bliss; MISCELLANEOUS; Are Newspaper and Books Outdated?; Indian Army : An Inspiration to the World; Violence Against Women in India; Social Media Influencers; Exploitation of Children; Diversity in Education; Materialist Society; Growing Intolerance in the World; Reservation : A Boon or Curse; Vulgarity in OTT Content; Animals in Zoo; Increasing Rate of Migration from India; What we Need is a Generation of Peace; The World of the Twenty-First Century; Charms and Challenges of Cyber World; Drawbacks of our Indian Culture; 5G Technology; Vision 2030; Plastic Pollution; Cashless Economy; LETTERS- INFORMAL LETTERS; Letter to friend thanking her for sending beautiful gift on your birthday; Letter to friend inviting her to hill station; Letter to sister asking about her Europe tour; Letter to brother on his birthday who currently lives in New York; Letter to brother congratulating him on success of his MBA and campus recruitment; Letter to mother describing your boarding school life; Letter to father inviting him and mother to come and stay with you in London for a few days; Letter to father requesting him to let you join the summer camp being held in your school; Letter to a Friend about Arranging a Get-together; Letter to friend congratulating her on success in class 12 board exam; FORMAL LETTERS- Letter to the publisher ordering books for your store; Letter to the Editor about a road that needs repair; Letter to Municipal Corporation of Delhi for Installation of New Street Lights; Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper Highlighting the Issue of Open Manholes; Letter to SHO complaining about the theft of your car; Letter to Editor regarding irregular water supply in your locality; Letter to secretary regarding poor maintenance of the garden and improper waste disposal; Letter to Bank Manager for Bank Account Transfer; Letter to Principal for the post of high school English teacher;  Leave letter to Principal to participate in the National Level Literary Competition; Letter for New ATM Card; Letter to bank manager for education loan; Letter to Editor regarding increasing crime rate in India; Letter to Principal against Bullying.

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