Intelligence Quiz Book Vol.-1

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ISBN : 978-93-5012-876-3
AUTHOR NAME : Nawal Kant Jha & RPH Editorial Board
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back

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The ‘Intelligence Quiz Book’ has been specially developed for all inquisitive readers, particularly those, who want to enhance their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and General Knowledge for the purpose of appearing in various competitive exams for entrance and recruitment. The book is also extremely useful for those who aspire to participate in various national and international quiz programmes and contests such as KBC. The book is not an ordinary GK book but it is an effective tool and system to check your GK & IQ intelligently after you have gone through all those books on GK and other subjects.
The book is divided into twenty-five intelligence test, each comprising the right-mix of questions on all important subjects, and additionally eleven tough assignments are provided to further gauge your I.Q. precisely and make you tough-enough to appear in any Quiz contest or exam and emerge a winner. Each test in the book is designed in such a way as to cover questions on a variety of subjects and to gauge not only your knowledge but speed also as intelligence is not about the knowledge only but thinking speedily and rationally also.
In a nutshell, the book is a smart system to gauge your general knowledge and intelligence quotient swiftly.

Quiz-1 to Quiz-25 with Answers; TOUGH ASSIGNMENT : Model Quiz-1 to Model Quiz-11 with Answers

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