English Grammar & Comprehension

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ISBN: 978-93-86845-73-3
MEDIUM: English
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English Grammar & Comprehension is the most important part of almost each and every academic and competitive exam. The present book has been specially published keeping in mind this point of view. The book is especially useful for school and college students and the aspirants of various exams where questions on these form an essential part of the exam.
The book comprises numerous questions in exercises to test your knowledge and learning of English Grammar and Comprehension, and to provide ample scope for practice to prepare well for the exams.
The book will definitely prove to be a boon to the competitive exam-aspirants, inquisitive students, and other readers in sharpening their knowledge of English Grammar and Comprehension, and prepare them well for a Grand Success in their respective competitions and exams.

ENGLISH GRAMMAR : The Noun, The Pronouns, Articles, The Adjective, Adjectives Used as Nouns, Adjective : Degrees of Comparison, The Verb, Verbs : Conjugation, Agreement of Verb with the Subject, Non-Finites, The Participle, The Gerund, Modals-I & II Tenses, Active Voice & Passive Voice, Narration, The Preposition, The Conjunction, The Adverb, Formation of Adverbs, Phrases and their Kinds, Clauses and their Kinds, Answers, Comprehension-I & II

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