Gandhian Thoughts

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Gandhian philosophy is not only simulataneously political, moral and religious, it is also traditional and modern, simple and complex. It embodies numerous Western influences to which Gandhi was exposed, but being rooted in ancient Indian culture and harnessing eternal and universal moral and religious principles, there is much in it that is not at all new. Gandhi described much of his thought as mere commonsense. Gandhi's thought can be summed up in a few words: "The four words, truth, non-violence, Sarvodaya and Satyagraha and their significance constitute Gandhi and his teaching." These are indeed the four pillars of Gandhian thought.

Life History; Gandhi in different Roles; Gandhian Philosophy; Gandhi on Social Reforms; Gandhi on Economy; Gandhian women and social changes; Gandhi in South Africa; Gandhi and Satyagraha-I; Gandhi and Satyagraha-II; Winning Independence from the Nation; The Last Words; Important Short Notes; Did You Know; Famous Lines; Timeline

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