Handbook of English Translation (Punjabi to English)

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ISBN : 978-93-86845-74-0
AUTHOR NAME : Balwant Kaur & Pratap Rastogi
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back
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“Handbook of English Translation” has been specially developed keeping in mind the requirements of Punjabi English-learners, students, and other readers with academic as well as competitions’ point of view. The book is especially useful for the aspirants of various competitive exams where knowledge of Punjabi & English forms an essential part of the test.
The book is presented in a reader-friendly manner with a Grammatical Approach to enable all types of readers easily learn and understand numerous Punjabi & English words, Grammar and Translation.
The book covers various aspects of Punjabi-English Vocabulary Enhancement alongwith multifarious forms of questions in exhaustive exercises at the end of each chapter and in Solved & Unsolved Translation exercises to test your knowledge and learning.
The book will definitely prove to be a boon to the inquisitive students, competitive exam-aspirants, and other readers in Enhancing their knowledge of Punjabi-English Vocabulary and Translation, and prepare them to write and speak Good English and Punjabi.

Preface; The Structure of an English Sentence; Parts of Speech; Tyupes of Sentences; Tenses and their Forms; Use of the verb ‘Be’ and ‘Have’; The Sequence of Tenses; Nouns and its Kinds; Articles—A, An, The; Pronouns; Introductory—There; Introductory—It; Adjective; The Verb; Auxiliaries; Non-finites; Voice; Preposition; Conjunctions; If –Clause and Conditional Sentences; Direct and Indirect Speech; Vocabulary; Sentences of Everyday Use; Idioms and Proverbs; Translation Passages–Solved; Unsolved Translation Passages.

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