Chemistry Formulae & Definitions

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ISBN : 978-81-7812-523-7
AUTHOR NAME : Ramanand Thakur
YEAR: 2020
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back

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This book is designed as a comprehensive reference, collection of frequently used formulae and definitions in Chemistry. It is really an asset to those who plan to appear in various Competitive/Entrance Examinations. Tabular presentation used in the book will help the students in understanding and memorizing the important terms and formulae more effectively. Important definitions are explained in Simple Language.
It is very much hoped that the subject matter contained in the book will create confidence among the candidates and the book will guide them like an ideal teacher.

Introduction, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, States of Mater, Chemical Kinetics, Theory of Dilute Solutions, Thermo Chemistry, Ionic Equilibrium, PH and Hydrolysis, Redox Reactions, Electro-Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Chemistry of Non-Metals, Metallurgy, Chemistry of Metals, Some Important Alloys, Their Compositions & Uses, Important Compounds and Their Formulae, Organic Compounds, Carbohydrates, Enzymes and Nucleic Acid, Polymers, Chemistry in Action, Chemo Curios

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