Dealing with English Made Easy

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ISBN : 978-81-7812-638-8
YEAR: 2017
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back
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"Dealing with English Made Easy" has mainly and deliberately been designed to cater to the long-felt needs of the students studying in schools and colleges, including the prospective candidates for competitive examinations conducted by various recruiting bodies for recruitment to various services. It will certainly help the readers having different inclinations. The book is lucid in style, logical and scientific in treatment, and systematic in presentation. It has been specially designed for all who want to learn how to communicate successfully and with confidence in everyday situations, at work, or when travelling or studying.

Types of Sentences; Sentences Without Subjects?I ; Sentences Without Subjects?II; Tense and Voice; The Verb (Conjugation); Modals; How to Start a Sentence; Appropriate Words for Spoken English; Direct Speech ? Indirect Speech; Transformation; Synthesis of Sentences; Expression of Time; Synonyms; Antonyms; Translation and Retranslation; How to Understand Spoken English; Expression of One?s Feelings Through Conversation; Effect of a Person or Thing on Others; Idiomatic Sentences; Proverbs; Use of Some Hindi Words; Comprehension; Precis Writing; Essay Writing; Letters and Applications; Test Papers; ANSWERS CORNER

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