Objective Botany

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ISBN : 978-81-7812-922-8
AUTHOR NAME : RPH Editorial Board
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back
PRICE: 160

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An Examinee-Friendly Approach for Medical and all Entrance Examinations. Study Material in Each Segment. Large Number of Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

  • UNIT-1: Viruses;
  • UNIT-2: Mycoplasma And Bacteria;
  • UNIT-3: Algae;
  • UNIT-4: Fungi And Lichens;
  • UNIT-5: Bryophyta;
  • UNIT-6: Pteridophyta;
  • UNIT-7: Gymnosperms;
  • UNIT-8: Angiosperms (Taxonomy and Classification);
  • UNIT-9: Angiosperms (Morphology);
  • UNIT-10: Angiosperms (Inflorescence, Flower and Fruit);
  • UNIT-11: Angiosperms (Embryology and Life Cycle);
  • UNIT-12: Physiology and Anatomy of Plants;
  • UNIT-13: Plant Physiology-I;
  • UNIT-14: Plant Physiology-II;
  • UNIT-15: Botany and Human Welfare.

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