Essay, Letters, Stories and Grammar (Pocket Book): For Middle Classes of Convent Schools

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ISBN : 978-93-5012-638-7
AUTHOR NAME : RPH Editorial Board
YEAR: 2019
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back

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A Concise Book specially developed for Middle Classes of Convent Schools. This book also very useful for all other schools, colleges and universities, and the candidates for competitive examinations.

The Alphabet; Parts of Speech; Number; Gender; The Pronoun; The Adjective; Determiners; Idiomatic Comparisons; Formation of Adjectives; The Verb; Tenses of Verbs; The Adverb; The Preposition; The Conjunction; Interjection; More About Tenses; Vocabulary; The Cries of Animals; Flowers, Fruits, Dry Fruits and Vegetables; Common Professions; Parts of the Body; Words Denoting Offsprings of Animals and Birds; Words Denoting Movement of Human Beings, Birds and Animals

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