Master English in Easy Way

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ISBN : 978-93-5012-397-3
AUTHOR NAME : Abul Hashem
YEAR: 2015
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 704
Edition: 8
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Master English in easy way has mainly and deliberately been designed to cater to the long-felt needs of the students studying in schools and colleges, including the prospective candidates for competitive examinations conducted by various recruiting bodies for recruitment to various services. It will certainly help the readers having different inclinations. The book is lucid in style, logical and scientific in treatment, and systematic in presentation. The book contains a large number of illustrative examples, which are varied interesting and stimulating.

SECTION I - GRAMMAR: The Sentence; Parts of the Sentence (Subject and Predicate); Part of Speech; The Same Word Used as Different Parts of Speech; Different Kinds of Nouns; Noun and Gender; Noun and Case; Noun and Number; The Pronoun; The Adjectives; Correct Use of Some Adjectives; Adjectives Used as Nouns; Other Parts of Speech Used as Adjectives; The Verb; Agreement of the Verb with the Subject; Auxiliaries; The Infinitive, The Gerund and The Participle (Non-Finites); The Adverb; Common Used of Important Adverbs; The Preposition; Correct Use of Certain Preposition; The Conjunction; The Interjection; Order of Words in a Sentence; Punctuation Mark; Use of Capital Letters; Rules Regarding Spelling of Words; Rules Regarding Use of the Articles; The Tense; Conjugation of Verbs; The Sequence of Tenses; Active and Passive Voice; Direct and Indirect Speech [Narration]; The Phrase; The Clause; Transformation of Sentences; Interchange of Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences; Synthesis of Sentences; Idiomatic Use of Verbs; Words Followed by Appropriate Prepositions; Interchange of Parts of Speech; Formation of Words from one Part of Speech to Another; Formation of Nouns; Adjectives with Various Endings; Formation of Adverbs; SECTION II VOCABULARY: Words Confused and Misused (Pair of Words); One Word for Many Words (One-Word Substitutions); Synonyms and Antononyms; Immensely Valuable Idioms; SECTION III : Letter Writing; Paragraph Writing; Precis Writing; SECTION IV: Closet Set; Fill in the Blanks; Reading Comprehension.

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