B. Arch. NATA Knowledge Bank Practice Test Papers

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This comprehensive book is specially developed for the students who wish to seek admission through NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) conducted by COA (Council of Architecture) in India. It conforms to the latest test patterns and comprehensively covers each and every type of question which is encountered in the exams. This is the only book presently in the market which deals with each aspect of Architecture Entrance Exams and contains all relevant questions, making it exhaustive and complete in all respects. B.Arch NATA Knowledge Bank, prepare potential entrants for success in obtaining merit in the aptitude test. Full care has been taken to cover the entire syllabus of NATA.

  • Preface; Shortage of Architects; B.Arch Degree Programme; JEE (B.Arch/B.Plan); Entrance Coaching; Useful Tips to Score High Marks; How to Prepare for NATA;
  • NATA 2017 to 2019 Drawing Papers;
  • NATA-Practice Papers;
  • Important NATA Information;
  • NATA (Sample) Test Papers Pages;
  • Important NATA Questions; Original Drawing Questions; Sketching; Students' Sketeches; Students Sketches in Colour; Famous Buildings’ Photographs in Colour;
  • NATA 2019 Question Paper;
  • JEE (B.Arch) 2019 Question Paper;
  • JEE (B.Arch) 2020 Question Paper.

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