B.Arch. NATA: Self Study Guide

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The content of the guide is student-centered and activity based with emphasis on developing the problem-solving skills of the reader. It will encourage the candidate to think creatively and prepare for NATA exam independently without any coaching or the teacher. The methodology facilitates the student to ensure full understanding of the subject in totality. All the concepts are presented in a very simple and easy to understand form. Moreover, the concepts are explained with solved examples. An abundant use of visual tools such as illustrations, sketches and diagrams helps in better retention and makes learning fun. Our approach will help you to create passion for the subject rather than fear of the technical jargons. Our motto is to encourage you to enquire, explore and discover rather than rote learning. We have given exercises for immediate practice almost after every topic. We have designed the 'exercises' to include all types of questions especially the multiple choice questions (MCQs). Maths questions and exercises have been prepared to develop skills in rapid calculations. Our guide is prepared as per the latest test pattern and syllabus of NATA exam for B. Arch. entrance.

  • Preface; How to Join Architecture; JEE (B.Arch./B.Plan.); Tools for Drawing; 2D and 3D Visualization; Basics of a Pencil; 2D, 3D and Solids; Elimination Process-The Magic Formula; Top View, Front View and Isometric View; Mirror Image, Odd Figures & Hidden/Embedded Figure; Architectural Terminology; Synonyms; Principles of Design & Theory of Colours; Colour Wheel and Colour Theory; Perspective Drawing; Important of Human Figures; Mathematics for NATA; Building Materials; Identification of Buildings; Prominent Foreign Architects; Sketches by Students; Coloured Drawings Posters, Logos, 2D Compositions.
  • NATA Test Papers (1-6); 
  • JEE (B.Arch.), 2017;
  • NATA, 2017; NATA, 2018;
  • JEE (B.Arch.), 2018,
  • NATA, 2019;
  • JEE (B.Arch.), 2019.

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