Treasury of Quotations

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ISBN : 978-93-86298-06-5
AUTHOR NAME : RPH Editorial Board
YEAR: 2017
MEDIUM: English
Format: Paper Back
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Over 2000 Classics and Modern Quotations

Ability; Absence; Abstinence; Academics; Achievement; Acquaintances; Acting/Actors; Adaptation; Admiration; Adultery; Adversity; Advertising; Advice; Age/Ageing; Agreement; Alone; Ambitions; Anger; Animals; Apology; Anticipation; Appearance; Argument; Art/Artists; Aspirations; Atheism; Authority; Audiences; Autobiography; Bachelors; Beauty; Beggar; Belief; Birds; Birth; Blind; Books; Bore/Boredom; Boys; Brave; Caution; Celebration; Celebrity; Chance; Change; Character; Charity; Child/Children; Choice; Clothing; Comedy; Commerce; Commitment; Committees; Common Sense; Company; Compliments; Confidence; Conscience; Consistency; Conversation; Cooks/Cooking; Courage ; Creativity; Cricket; Crime; Critics/Criticism; Crowds; Cruelty; Crying ; Culture; Cunning ; Cure; Curiosity; Custom; Cynics/Cynicism; Dancers/Dancing; Danger; Death; Debts; Decisions; Deeds; Democracy; Desires; Destiny; Dignity; Diplomacy; Disappointment; Doctors; Dogs; Doing; Doubt; Dream/Dreaming; Drinks/Drinking; Duty; Economist/Economy; Education; Elections; Empire; End; Enemies; Enlightenment; Enmity; Enough; Envy; Epitaphs; Etiquette; Evil; Examinations; Examples; Excess; Exercise; Experience; Explanation; Facts; Failure; Fair/Fairness; Faith; Faithfulness; False/Falsehood; Fame; Familiarity; Family; Fanatic/Fanaticism; Fascination; Fashion; Fate; Faults; Favour; Fear/Fearless; Feelings; Fight; Films; Finance/Financiers; Flattery; Flirting; Food; Fools; Forgive; Fortune; Freedom; Friends/Friendship; Funeral; Future; Gain; Games; Generalisation; Genius; Gentleman; Gift; Girls; God; Goodness; Gossip; Government ; Grace; Grief; Grumbling; Guilt; Habits; Hair; Hand; Handsome; Happiness; Haste; Hate/Hatred; Health and Illness; Heart; Heaven; Hero/Heroine; History/Historians; Home; Honesty; Honeymoon; Honor (Honour); Hope; House; Humour; Husbands; Ideas; Ignorance; Imagination; Immortality; Impossible; Insult; Integrity; Intellectuals; Invention; Jealousy; Jokes; Journalism/Journalists; Joy; Judges; Justice; Kill/Killing; Kindness; Kiss; Knowledge; Language; Laughs/Laughter; Law; Leader/Leadership; Learning; Leisure; Liar/Lies; Library; Life; Light; Limits; Literature; Love; Lying; Madness; Man/Men; Marriage; Medicine; Mediocrity; Memorandum; Memory; Middle Age; Might; Mind; Miracle; Misery; Mistakes; Moderation; Modest/Modesty; Money; Morality; Mottoes; Music; Nature; Necessity; Neurotic; News/Newspapers; Nobel Prize; Novels; Old Age; Opinion; Opportunity; Optimism/Optimist; Originality; Paintings; Parents; Passion; Patience; Patriotism; Peace; People; Perfection; Perseverance; Perspective; Pessimists; Philosopher/Philosophy; Photography; Physician; Picture; Pity; Plagiarism; Platitudes; Pleasing; Pleasure; Poet/Poetry; Politicians; Politics; Posing; Posterity; Poverty; Power; Praise; Prayers; Press; Pride; Privileges; Problems; Procrastination; Professionals; Professors; Promise; Prosperity; Proverbs; Publicity; Punctuality; Quarrel/Quarreling; Quotations/Quoting; Radical; Reading; Reality; Reason; Reform; Relations/Relatives; Religion; Reputation; Research; Responsibility; Rich and Poor; Right; Rise and Fall; Romance/Romantic; Rules and Regulations; Sacrifice; Sad/Sadness; Sarcasm; Satire; Saving; Saying; Scandal; Science; Secret; Self-Indulgence; Self-Made Man; Self-Regard; Selfishness; Serendipity; Seriousness; Sex; Show Business; Siblings; Silence; Sin/Sinner; Sincerity; Smile; Solitude; Sorrow; Speech; Statesmen; Statistics/Statisticians; Strangers; Strength; Style; Success; Suffering; Supersition; Support; Tact; Taste; Tax/Taxation; Teachers/Teaching; Television; Temptation; Thought; Thunder; Time; Tolerance; Tongue; Travel/Traveller; Troubles; Trust; Truth; Ugliness; Understanding; Unity; Universe; Variety; Vice; Violence; Virtue; Vision; Visit/Visitors; Vulgarity; Walls; War; Wealth & Riches; Weather; Wine; Winner/Winning; Wise/Wisdom; Wit; Wives; Women; Words; Work; World; Writers/Writing; Youth; Zoos

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