Biography of Mother Teresa

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ISBN: 978-93-5012-629-5
AUTHOR NAME: RPH Editorial Board
MEDIUM: English
FORMAT: Paper Back

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The book provides excellent overview of Mother Teresa’s beliefs, her noted humanistic works, and her vision to live and work among the poorest in the world. In this biography, readers will follow Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu from her humble Mecidonian birth to worldwide celebrity as Mother Teresa. The nun who attended to the dying and diseased in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India, and established her Missionaries of Charity around the world, is revealed to have a singular determination from a young age. Readers will be challenged to consider for themselves whether Mother Teresa deserves to be sainted. Mother Teresa is characterized as being ordinary and her life as mundane. The biography suggests that she transcended her ordinariness with a singular belief that she was called to life’s work. When this work brought fame, which she never sought, she used it to further her causes. In a global age, celebrity worship allowed her to work the system. She became an icon of service and selflessness, but her human flaws remained behind the saintliness.

Introduction; Her Childhood; Life in the Slums; Mother in Kolkata; Beatification; Catholic Teachings; The Final Years; Awards; Words of the Mother; On Her Life's Work

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