Since August 2006, English language monthly magazine "English Today" is being published under the banner. This 84-page magazine costing only Rs. 20/- is perhaps the first of its kind in India which aims to satiate the cravings of the mind to master the intricacies of the English language. The magazine, through its well crafted sections and balanced exercises, enables the readers to test their all round knowledge of English language. The uniqueness of this magazine lies in the fact that besides stressing on the development of English Grammar, it also covers other important aspects like Evolution of English, Pronunciation, Day to Day Conversation, Vocabulary Building, Spellings, Origin of Words, English Literature and much more. The Magazine is aimed to meet the quest of every student, his teachers, his parents, his friends and one & all. The magazine is a boon for the competitive exam aspirants as well for Learning and Practising Good English.

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